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Karratha Flying Services operates all year round from our own terminal at Karratha Airport. We are available for charter flights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Karratha Flying Service - Private Charter

KFS has been providing charter services to its clients for over 25 years

About KFS

Karratha Flying Services (KFS) has been providing charter services for over 25 years and has built a strong reputation for safe, reliable and efficient aviation services. Our largest clients are from the mining and corporate sectors but we also provide ad hoc charters and scenic tours for smaller companies, individuals and sporting groups. All staff at KFS are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and we can be contacted 24 hours a day for urgent charter requests.

Safety is our number one priority and every individual within KFS is responsible for ensuring that safety always comes first. Many resource companies utilise BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard), an audit system developed by the Flight Safety Foundation, as their primary means of assessing the standard of companies that provide aviation services. In 2014 KFS was awarded Gold status under the BARS system, which reflects our commitment to safety, maintenance and training standards.

KFS is based at Karratha Airport and we operate from our own fully air-conditioned, modern terminal located adjacent to the main Karratha terminal. The KFS facilities include passenger lounges, check-in facilities and free client parking; catering can be provided on request. Security and quarantine facilities are also available within our terminal so clients can arrange for these to be staffed by qualified personnel if required for specific flights.

We also have our own hangar facility at Karratha airport with onsite engineers to ensure high standards of aircraft maintenance in support of our safety policy.

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KFS presently operates a full turbine fleet for general charter operations. Our smaller aircraft can seat up to 9 passengers and our largest aircraft has 10 passenger seats. One of our aircraft can also be fitted with a stretcher which enables us to provide an ad hoc aero medical evacuation service, although we do not provide medical staff.

Our primary objective is to provide high quality, reliable air charter services in the Pilbara region, at all times operating within our "Safety First" model.

BARS Aviation Gold Standard

The customer service you receive from KFS from your first point of contact with the administration staff to the pilot operating the flight is of the highest calibre within the aviation industry.

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